TAP Events and Workshops

Full Application 1:1 Surgeries
TAP is planning to hold 1-2-1 surgeries for project applicants who are in the process of completing a full application for ERDF or ESF. If you are interested in attending a session with an expert member of the Technical Assistance Partnership, please reply to tap@eastriding.gov.uk stating which Call the full application is in response to. We look forward to hearing from you.
Upcoming events
TAP is currently planning to hold the following events throughout 2018. For further information or to register your interest please sign up to the TAP database or email tap@eastriding.gov.uk.
Full Application/Appraiser feedback
Intermediate State Aid and Procurement
Project Life Cycle
Evaluation/Continuous Improvement
Closedown workshop
Outputs/Records Management
Final ERDF Calls launch events
For more information about the workshops we run, our Event and Workshops programme explains the aim of our workshops with details of beginner and intermediate workshops.
For a more detailed list, our Workshop Overview describes the workshops we hold including target audiences.
97% of attendees at TAP workshops and events throughout 2016 and 2017 found the event useful.